The Keeping House

The only home practical and stubborn sixteen-year-old Elinor has ever known is the inside of the Keeping House; her only family the other disabled children kept within the house’s walls for safety.  She knows that when she turns seventeen, the Keepers can’t provide for her anymore and she will make the dangerous journey across the border.  On the other side is the Better Place, where there aren’t authorities that persecute disabled people, where Elinor’s missing leg doesn’t equal a death sentence.

Elinor thinks she has nothing left to lose.  But when blind Brigid turns seventeen, Elinor surprises everyone, including herself, by leaving with her. Elinor is not self-sacrificing, is not compassionate – so how is it that she finds herself following in the footsteps of Sam, the boy she loved, who has been dead for nearly a year?

By agreeing to help Brigid, Elinor certainly never expected to find herself among a group of disabled young adults fighting to dismantle the regime threatening their very existence – and she refuses to change her plans.  But in a world where every moment south of the border is one in which her life is at risk, what will Elinor do when the unthinkable happens and she discovers she still has something left to lose?