I’m a writer and student at Yale University. Originally from Washington D.C. (please don’t ask me about politics), I live with my parents, younger brother and my dog, Scout.

I respond to “Hermione” just as frequently as my own name – it stuck in first grade when I never went anywhere without a book and told anyone who would listen that I would be a novelist one day. I’m sure the curly brown hair and personality had something to do with it as well…

My novel, The Keeping House, was born from my frustration with the lack of disabled characters in non-realistic YA fiction. While I so identified with Hermione as an able-bodied child, I’m not sure I would have had that same connection if I were a disabled individual prior to high school – and I don’t want other girls who are in that situation to not have a character they can identify with.

Originally a short story assignment in a junior seminar, I fell in love and finished the draft that spring. I was querying another novel but I put it aside to focus on TKH, and I’m glad I did!